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Harris County 1910 Courthouse
Harris County 1910 Courthouse

Effective September 1, all civil filing fees are increased by $5.

ATTENTION: The Harris County Justice Courts will reopen to the public on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, with the exception of JP 4-1 (Judge Lincoln Goodwin - Cypresswood) and JP 5-2 (Judge Jeff Williams - Clay Rd), which remain closed due to extensive damage from Hurricane Harvey.
Visit the links for the individual courts below to view reset information for each court.
Please stay safe, Harris County.

Online Services

Apply for Driver Safety Course

Defendants with eligible offenses may use this service to apply for the Driving Safety Course or Motorcycle Operator Training Course dismissal and to pay the required court costs.

If you intend to apply for a Driving Safety Course or Motorcycle Operator Course, do NOT pay the traffic ticket.

You will be asked to pay court costs as part of the application process. Do not take the course before you receive approval from the Court.


Pay Your Citation

Defendants with eligible offenses may use this service to pay their traffic ticket. You may search for your case to see if your case is eligible for online payment.

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Justices of the Peace   Information About Downloadable Forms

Judge Carter, Pct. 1, Place 1
Judge Patronella, Pct. 1, Place 2
Judge Delgado, Pct. 2, Place 1
Judge Risner, Pct. 2, Place 2
Judge Stephens, Pct. 3, Place 1
Judge Coffey, Pct. 3, Place 2
Judge Goodwin, Pct. 4, Place 1
Judge Korduba, Pct. 4, Place 2

Judge Ridgway, Pct. 5, Place 1
Judge Williams, Pct. 5, Place 2
Judge Vara, Pct. 6, Place 1
Judge Rodriguez, Pct. 6, Place 2
Judge Green, Pct. 7, Place 1
Judge Burney, Pct. 7, Place 2
Judge Williamson, Pct. 8, Place 1
Judge Ditta, Pct. 8, Place 2

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