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Health Care Liability Claim - Expert Report

If you are filing a health care liability claim, you, as the claimant must serve an expert report on all parties (or their attorneys) not later than the 120th day after the original answer is filed. An expert report is a report written by a professional who is qualified to express an opinion about how the physician or health care provider failed to meet the required standard of care and the relationship between that failure and the damages claimed. The expert report must also include the curriculum vitae of each expert listed in the report.

The deadline for serving the report may be extended by written agreement of the physician or health care provider you sued.  You should be aware that if you fail timely to file a sufficient expert report, your case may be dismissed.  If the expert report is found to be deficient, the court may allow you one 30-day extension to correct the deficiency.

See Rule 74.351, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code


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